Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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World Class stadium coming alongside I95

MARGATE/FL – USA: A world class cricket facility is being built by Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) in time for the International Cricket Council (ICC) 2024 World Cup that will be hosted by the United States and West Indies.

What is unique about this facility being built at Fayetteville in North Carolina is that it is alongside the I95 which makes it accessible to cricket fans not only from America but Canada as well. The man behind the idea is cricket administrator and Boca Raton businessmen Mahammad Qureshi He has already purchased the land which is located just opposite the Fayetteville airport and along the I95. Qureshi has purchased 72 acres where two major cricket stadia and 1000 condos will be constructed. The frontage along the I95 is 4000 feet and this is what will make the venue accessible.

The stadium will be equipped with all the modern amenities so that matches can be held there when the World Cup comes around. According to Qureshi: “This is really a great area and we are happy to have invested in it. Just imagine what this will do for cricket in North Carolina, they already have so many residents that are interested in the sport now they will have a world class venue to play at. From the moment I saw the land, I saw the potential and immediately closed the deal. We are moving ahead with the start of construction very soon and we are targeting to finish before the World Cup comes around.”

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