Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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US Open Sports the place to be

MARGATE/FL – USA: Sports fans are in for an exciting time as they can now log on to usopensports.com for all that they need when it comes to major sports.

This is the news coming out of Margate on Easter Sunday from chairman of the Maq Group Mahammad Qureshi. The website which is user friendly takes you to all the latest news in the world of cricket, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer and tennis.

This site is where all the all sports comes under the umbrella of US Open Sports. Qureshi explains: “US Open Sports is all about American sports. US Open cricket has become so popular that we decided to brand all sports under the US Open umbrella. US Open Sports is now the umbrella where you can find sports gears for all sports. Uniforms, hats, helmets, shoes you name it you can get it. All the top brands that I have are also available on this website and they include Maq, Boss, T20, Beamer, Yorker and US Open.”

In addition to gears and getting an opportunity to sign up to play the major sports under the US Open Sports umbrella, anyone logging on to the site can be fed with major sporting news. The site caters to all and is very easy to place orders as well.  

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