Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Strong Karachi team for MCL

KARACHI/PAKISTAN: The Karachi Sharks have assembled a strong unit for the inaugural Pakistan Major Cricket League tournament that gets underway from June 25 at Hafizabad.

Karachi, a city known for producing world class players, the likes of Javed Miandad, will see a strong 19-man squad. The team will be depending heavily on the likes of Atif Maqbool the platinum player on the squad. Shahan Naeem is also in there and will be lending support as well as Muhammad Afzal. Two other players who can catch the eyes are Fazal Subhan and Usama Basharat.

Karachi will begin their campaign on June 25 against Islamabad Tigers at 3pm at the Maq Stadium in Hafizabad. They have back to back matches on the opening day, as they will again be in action at 5pm when they tackle Lahore Lions.

The MCL Pakistan tournament which is the brainchild of chairman of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) has been organized to assist young cricketers in Pakistan by giving them a platform to perform.

President of CCUSA Sofian Qamar says that this is a unique opportunity that the players should grab with both hands. “We are giving players a chance to be recognized. Remember we will be carrying all these matches live on MaqTv so it is an opportunity for them to be seen by teams across the world. These players could not have gotten these opportunities regularly and now is their time to shine.”

Qamar who is also operations director at MaqTv added that the network will be taking the matches across the world: “We will be beaming these matches on our platform for all to see and we are very excited about this. Normally we net around 5 million viewers for our tournaments that are carried on MaqTv and we think that this time even more people will log on seeing the caliber of players on show.”

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