Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Sandilya gets international posting from CCUSA

BOCA RATON/FL – USA: American businessman Nanda Sandilya has been given a major international appointment by Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) as the cricket body spreads its arm globally.

Sandilya who has been on the board of CCUSA for over a decade is now the Global Director for Business Development and Strategy Marketing. This appointment was made recently by chairman of CCUSA, Mahammad Qureshi who welcomed Sandilya onboard: “This is a very critical aspect of our international outreach and Nanda has shown that he has the capacity in this area. He has been a valued member of the CCUSA family over the years and given his business acumen, I think he will succeed in this role.”

Nanda is an Indian varsity cricketer, Hyderabad Ranji Trophy Cricketer, T20 world record holder IT business executive and sports enterprenuer, he is a key member of the group that invented conducted and promoted T20 cricket in USA since early 2000. Today this T20 cricket format is a prime sporting event which is generating billions annually and followed by more than 2.5 billion people worldwide. He brings 25 years of IT business & technology implementation expertise which are valued more than $555M and carry 38 years of team sporting events experience.

His key accomplishments include:

* As a pioneer T20 cricket administrator, he was involved in raising few millions for conducting T20 cricket international games in USA. He partnered with Cricket Council USA Group Florida sports & entertainment group (having $300M real estate parent company MAQ Group) investing more than million dollars in 2007 for T20 Cricket Council USA development and administration to conduct various T20 tournaments and youth academy events in USA.

* Exceptional performance as Cricket Council USA director and Advisory board since 2008. Nanda is highly acclaimed administrator in conducting first NJ T20 tournament back in 2009. He has been instrumental in organizing and co-ordinating more than dozens of T20 tournaments across North America since 2005.

* He performed as North America business development executive for various Fortune 500 companies where he has lead multiple teams to sign up new logos with multi year deals having $100M plus contracts. He had conducted fund raising events and successfully delivered $77M plus financing for many start ups and growth funding for medium size companies.

* Lead international engagements by managing 50+ team members and 30+ million USD annual targets

* He is on the advisory board of multiple hi-tech unicorn start ups in EV, crypto, gold mining, AI, IOT and Biotech companies

* Nanda got written funding Pre approvals and executive commitments for $1 billion to built/buy-out/redesign/remodel 5 or more cricket stadiums across USA with target date of completion by 2025.

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