Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Qureshi a key man to US success at hosting W Cup

President of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB) Azim Bassarath says that cricket administrator Mahammad Qureshi is a key figure in making the 2024 Cricket World Cup hosting a successful one by USA Cricket.

Bassarath, who is also a Cricket West Indies (CWI) director has made the call to USA Cricket officials to engage Qureshi the successful Boca Raton businessman. Qureshi runs Cricket Council USA and has been bank rolling the popular US Open T20 tournament for the past 13 years.

Bassarath himself a very successful administrator in the Caribbean said: “When we look at USA cricket from the outside we see the stability that Qureshi has brought given all the troubles of the past. He has spent his own funds in making cricket a reality in the States and when no one believed he did and now with the World Cup coming to town, this is a call for the authorities there to have him included.

“Given his business acumen and the fact that he understands that sport is big business, he is the right man to be centrally involved.” Bassarath added that hosting a World Cup is no easy feat and there will be many facets that officials will have to deal with. “This is second only to the Olympics and World Cup football, so you understand the magnitude of the project. This type of event requires experienced people with proven track records. Qureshi in my humble opinion fits this bill perfectly.”

Qureshi recently visited the International Cricket Council (ICC) headquarters in Dubai where he saw first hand their development plan and also took time out to visit world class venues like Dubai International Stadium and Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

His company the Maq Group has bought land in five cities looking to build stadia to host matches. There is the likely possibility that the 72 acres that was bought in Fayetteville, North Carolina may be developed into a first class stadium to bid for World Cup matches. The venue will be situated along the I95, the main artery when it comes to travelling by road in America.

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