Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Najam now Senior VP at CCUSA

MARGATE/FL – USA: Businessman Sharaz Najam has been appointed senior vice-president of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA).This, according to the chairman of CCUSA Mahammad Qureshi who made the announcement on Friday. The president of CCUSA Sofian Qamar welcomes this appointment. “We are very happy that Sharaz has accepted this post presented to him by the chairman as we think he has a very bright future with us.

He has been a tireless worker for the betterment of the sport and players in the country and we are fortunate that he has been aligned and continues to be aligned with us.”Najam the former president of the Midwest Cricket League in Chicago has been involved with CCUSA over the past 10 years. Qureshi who brought him into the realm that is CCUSA said about his appointment: “Sharaz is a very hard worker and wants to see cricket move forward. In this regard, he has decided to take up the senior vice-president position with CCUSA as there is much work still to be done. I am confident that he will perform well in all his duties and help us take cricket to the top.”Najam was happy to be onboard :”I am honored to be offered this position and I will do as best as I can to take not only cricket but the organisation CCUSA forward. I have seen the great work done by Maq bhai over the years and have learned a lot from him. “We have a lot more work to get accomplished and I am going to give this my best shot.”