Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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MCL gives 50K Rupees for development programme

HAFIZABAD/PAKISTAN- Major Cricket League (MCL) Pakistan is already making its presence felt in Pakistan as the organisation has already pledged 50K for cricket development programme in Hafizabad Pakistan.

At the onset of the project chairman of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) Mahammad Qureshi made it clear that this MCL was formed in order to assist Pakistani cricketers. The investment was not coming from Pakistan but from overseas nationals who wanted to give back to their country of birth. Qureshi himself has already invested in terms of having the MAQ cricket stadium ready for the tournament which gets off on June 25.

Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) is spearheading this effort to get foreign Pakistani nationals to pump finances into the tournament to assist cricketers at their place of birth. Chairman of CCUSA Mahammad Qureshi came up with the idea and got buy in from stakeholders with the aim of giving all Pakistani cricketers a chance at being recognised and getting opportunities to play cricket overseas after being spotted that this tournament.

The tournament will see five franchises battling for glory, namely Karachi Sharks, Lahore Lions, Faisalabad Bears, Hafizabad Stallions and Islamabad Tigers. Qureshi stated that this idea of assisting from the grassroots up is just one of many that cricketers in Pakistan will benefit from. “Our aim is to give back to Pakistan through cricket and we are already showing that we are ready and able to do just this. We don’t want anything from this project, it is all about the people of Pakistan and bringing smiles unto the faces of the cricketers.”

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