Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Major cricket stadium coming to Tampa

MARGATE/FL – USA: Cricket in the Tampa area is about to get a shot in the arm as the Maq Group is embarking on a major development program in the Amara area.

Chairman of the Maq Group Mahammad Qureshi explained that there will be a Sports Complex set up at Amara Drive, which is just six miles from the Tampa International Airport. The Maq Group has purchased 136 acres of land in the area and within this six baseball fields are already completed. One major cricket stadium will be added soon and five other cricket fields, and a total of six soccer pitches as well. There will also a sports and education academy.

The model will be similar to the Central Broward Regional Park in Sunrise, with a main stadium and five adjoining fields. This will allow for major cricket tournaments like the US Open to be played there. There will also be the construction of  200 apartments called the Maq Apartment Complex.Foreigners will be able to access this venue without problems as the international airport is just six miles away from the sports complex. 

This is yet another project under the wings of the Maq Group in partnership with Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) as they look to spread the gospel of cricket across the United States. In addition to the Maq Cricket Stadium in Delray Beach, there are also similar projects in North Carolina, Washington DC and Atlanta.

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