Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Cricket Council USA embarks on massive cricket infrastructure

MARGATE/FL – USA: Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) has forged a partnership with the Maq Group which will see five cricket stadia built in America in time for the 2024 World Cup.

The project will see an increase in the number of top class cricket facilities from one at the moment (Central Broward Regional Park) to at least six. This will augur well for America’s cricket not only for the World Cup but beyond. The five areas where major facilities will be built is at West Palm Beach, Maryland Washington DC, Hillsborough Tampa, Atlanta Georgia and North Carolina. The Maq Group has secured a 200-acre parcel of land in Maryland where a major stadium and three other cricket grounds will be built. There will also be a horseback riding facility and academies for both cricket and horseback riding. This is a major construction to be undertaken and will see major tournaments being held by Cricket Council USA in the capital.

In North Carolina, Fayetteville to be exact there is a 72-acre spread that will house two stadia as well as a 1000-unit apartment complex. The local is alongside the I95 which will make traversing to and from the ground an easy one. Those wishing to use the I95 from Miami and even all the way to Canada will be able to get to this facility.

In Hillsborough, Tampa another stadium will be erected as well as three adjoining cricket fields. This will be added to the four baseball fields that are already in the space making the entire area a sports complex with a hive of activity. In Atlanta Georgia a Sports City will be built with a major stadium and three other cricket fields. The land has been acquired and Maq Group has plans of putting a gas station as well as convenient stores and residential apartments.

The fifth stadium to the built will be the Maq Cricket Stadium in West Palm Beach. This stadium is already in place and minor league as well as US Open T20 matches have been played there before. Major renovations are carded for this stadium which runs alongside the US441.