COH legends W Cup Sept 29

BOCA RATON/FL – USA: The first Cricket Hall of Fame Legends World Cup will take place in Florida from September 29 to October 3.
This was announced by Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) on Saturday, as they are partnering with the US Cricket Hall of Fame for the project.
The World Cup coincides with the 2021 Cricket Hall of Fame Induction ceremony that is carded to take place at the same time in Broward.
The tournament which is expected to attract players from five countries will be for ages 50 and over. Registration is currently open and those interested can visit to get onboard. The five countries expected to take part are the United States, Canada, West Indies, Pakistan, and India.
The US Cricket Hall of Fame has been around for 40 years and has grown from strength to strength. In February of 1981, a group of visionary Hartford cricketers established the Hall of Fame, after a year of frustration and disappointment.
At the outset, the organization was named the “United States Cricket Hall of Fame,” but that name was short-lived because of proprietary considerations. The initial attempt to start the institution was buoyed by verbal encouragement of team representatives from Toronto, Canada to Los Angeles, California.
An Executive Committee which was given the task to get the organization off the ground established a formula by which every participating organization would share equally in the business of the Hall of Fame. With some apprehension though much enthusiasm, the ensuing document was mailed to those organizations and a select board of regents (geographic representatives).
After much tedious work and some expense, the results that followed proved to be disastrous. Not a single organization or individual responded. Unmoved by the lack of real interest, the Executive Committee at its February 1981 meeting agreed to recommend to the membership of its parent body, the Sportmen’s Athletic Club, Inc., that the program is instituted on an in-house basis. The optimism of the Executive Committee was reflected by the support of this new phase from those members who thought that it was an idea whose time had passed. Faced with the pitfalls of new ideals and stinging criticism, the committee stuck to its convictions. The rest is now history.

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