Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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CCUSA president makes call to teams

BOCA/RATON – USA: President of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA)  Sofian Qamar is making a call to teams to register for the upcoming T10 World Cup as there is still time to get onboard.

Qamar speaking to News925 said he was happy with the number of teams that have registered but he wants more to come on board. He asked the question: “Why do we host these tournaments? We host them to give players opportunities to showcase their talent and grow. And it is on this basis that we want as many teams onboard this tournament.

“We have spent a lot of resources in making this tournament a reality so we want to get plenty people involved.” The T10 World Cup will be held at the Central Broward Regional Park in Fort Lauderdale from May 19 t0 22. Teams interested in coming onboard can go unto the website WWW.WORLDCUP-T10.COM and register.

Qamar added that he was happy the way things are progressing this year with the various initiatives on board. “We have been staging tournaments in difficult times and we have been progressing well. We take the best precautions in terms of the Covid 19 protocols and hence our tournaments have been completed safely. We intend to do likewise with the many teams coming to take part in the World Cup T10 tournament.

“We have stuck rigidly to the County guidelines when it comes to Covid 19 and I want prospective teams to understand this, so they can feel safe coming into Broward for the matches. We stand ready to welcome the teams for what is expected to be a great tournament.”

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