Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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CCUSA launches batsball

DELRAY BEACH/FL – USA: Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) continues to be the front runner in terms of thinking outside the box and bringing new initiatives to the sporting landscape in America.

CCUSA chairman Mahammad Qureshi at right with CCUSA Media Manager Vinode Mamchan in front of the batsball replica.

The cricket body which brought the first T20 and T10 matches to the United States is now bringing on stream a sport that is a hybrid between cricket and baseball called Batsball. The founders of this new sport is Mahammad Qureshi chairman of the Maq Group and Marcos Cesar Soares. At present the playing field for batsball is being developed at the Maq Cricket Stadium and planning is fast ahead.

Speaking about the concept Soares said: “Batsball is a game that I made up which will have everyone involved in playing in high intensity. The game includes 12 players, on each team and they are charged with getting ‘runs’ as in cricket and baseball. Each of the six players who are fielding will have two throws each and the batters will have a chance to run. Every run gives them two points and every out, being caught out or hit wicket will give the opposing team four points. When the ball is hit out the park, it brings four points and if it is struck straight between two designated poles then it brings a maximum 12 points. After facing 12 balls each the two batters go out and another two comes in. So it is about getting points and the team with the most points will the match.

“We are the first to have this concept and we want to grow it right here at the Maq Cricket Stadium in Delray Beach. We are happy to put in the hard work right now because we know where we can get to with this sport.”

Qureshi said the game is exciting and crickets may want to try it. “This game is fast paced and exciting and I am sure that cricketers will want to try it. When I look at the bats made by Soares, it is a cross between a cricket bat and a baseball bat. We are hoping that both cricketers and baseball players gravitate to this new concept.”

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