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Baseball/cricket makes huge impact in Palm Beach

LAKEWORTH/FL – USA: The newest format of cricket called baseball/cricket has caught the attention of the Palm Beach Sports Commission and soon there will be a lot of cricket activities in the County.

Chairman of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) Mahammad Qureshi, whose vision it was to bring the fast paced game to the US met with County officials in Lakeworth Wednesday to bring the idea forward. Representing CCUSA also were director Chris Parris and media director Vinode Mamchan. They were able to sell the idea of the 90-minute game with Qureshi saying it is a hybrid between baseball and cricket and will fit well into the American sporting fabric.

Eric Call director of the Palm Beach Board of County Commissioners Parks and Recreation department was impressed with the idea and said that it will be great to see the game take root in the County. Jennifer Cirillo who is the assistant director was also enthused and said that they will be looking at certain parks to go into partnership with CCUSA to develop into training grounds for cricket and will be looking to have one properly appointed cricket ground.

Qureshi advanced the idea of having an indoor cricket facility which can be used anytime of the day and night and this found favor with the officials on hand. The next move is for the County to identify parks where the development works can take place and then they would enter into discussions with Qureshi and CCUSA on bringing these facilities into fruition.

In the meantime, an effort will also be made by CCUSA to get into the schools sporting programs in order to introduce baseball/cricket to the students.

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